Membership Benefits

**If you're interested in a new membership in TJEA, please email for a membership application and payment link.**

Why You Should Join the Texas Jazz Educators Association

1. Jazz Director Symposiums – The TJEA hosts a jazz director symposium each school year. These symposiums are designed for all who desire to increase their understanding of and competency in jazz education. These symposiums seek not only to fill the knowledge gap many teachers face, but also to provide an excellent supplemental learning opportunity for everyone. Previous topics have included teaching improvisation, teaching the rhythm section and starting your own jazz program.

2. TJEA Newsletter – You will receive the TJEA quarterly newsletter with articles, news and information about jazz in your community and across the state.

3. School Grant Program – Each year the TJEA awards up to ten schools grant money to enhance and grow their jazz program. It is the goal of this program to get money and support into the school music programs to help to facilitate the learning, performing and growth of America’s music, Jazz.

4. The TJEA is a Jazz Information Resource - As a member of TJEA, you will have access to a comprehensive list of jazz artists, concerts, festivals, camps, clinicians and a resource team in your area.

5. Support Jazz Education – Your dues will help the TJEA to fund the many programs that support jazz instruction and learning in Texas. Your dues will also help us to continue to support and be involved in the music organizations in Texas including TMEA, TBA, TODA and TCDA.

6. Become a leader in Jazz Education - By joining the TJEA, you will have a voice and a leadership role in the continued enhancement of jazz instruction and learning in our state. Active members have the opportunity to make their voices heard, share ideas and successes, and become a part of a network of jazz educators in your community.

We are looking for active members who not only have a stake in making sure that Jazz is a continued part of our past, present and future, but also members that have a passion for making sure that jazz education never leaves our schools.

Membership Types & Costs

Regular Membership - $30
Industry Membership - $50
Student Memership - $10